Thursday, August 13, 2009

Much happenings

Many things have been going on in my life (as always.)

I have been diagnosed as not-a-celiac, but my doctor does acknowledge that not eating gluten makes me healthy, and by no means could I be considered a healthy person before. My joints hurt so badly I walked with a cane on bad days. I had IBS symptoms nearly every day. Just one flight of stairs made me out of breath and my heart would pound until it hurt. Anxiety attacks, depression and chronic fatigue completed the picture and we end up with a not-so hot mess. When I stopped eating gluten I felt heathy, and whole. I have no words for how drastic the changes were. I no longer felt old, broken and sick.

I have been offline for the most part too, as my laptop was broken. So I had time to finish some projects. I finished a scarf that I was weaving. The warp is from artsygal and the weft is her same base yarn only undyed. I borrowed a table loom to weave on, and this actually went very quickly.

After the scarf was done I finished a gift for an adopted nephew of mine. I hope he enjoys his nellyphant, he enjoys chewing on knitted things.

I also finished my purse socks. In all its been very productive.

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