Wednesday, February 04, 2009

If Barbie could spin...

She would spin this colorway.
I've been working on this batch of wool from CMF for about a week and the more I spin it the more pretty-princess-8-year-old-girl-obsessed-with-Barbies it is. If I were going to knit something for a little girl, I would have to use this yarn. It's not ugly or blaring, in fact I really like how the plies work together for a more subtle yarn than many sock hop colorways. Its just quintessentially girly.

I had an exam today, which I already got an email that it's graded (bloody fast) but I don't know how well I did yet. I hope the professor could read my handwriting, its particularly bad today. (edit: I just got an email that I got an A)

On the pain charts today was about a 6 or 7, I could barely sit up this morning because of a pain in my back/side. It sorta feels like a pulled muscle, but its different too. It hurts to breathe too deeply, and sitting up is simply not good. I went to my classes, picked up paper work, managed to eat a little lunch, and I spun for an hour, but I almost didn't make it through my hour of spinning. I'm resting at a reasonably pain free angle for a while before I have to get up again.

As far as comments, I'll post replies to stuff here on the blog, its easiest to do since blogger doesn't work well with replying by email. I might have a setting wrong too.

As far as blood work, I've been turned into a pincushion and they couldn't figure a darn thing out.

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Stariel said...

I like it, I think I've caught the pink disease...

Hope you feel better soon!