Monday, October 30, 2006

don't read this If all you care about is knitting

I don't have any knitting going on I can discuss, exept that I am 90% done on my secret knitting.

*rant starts here*
I could post this on xanga, but I would say it is more likely to be seen by real life friends.
So many people think I have this great, perfect family. but today it has felt oh so dysfunctional. this morning I learned that my brother was moving from Texas to Kansas, I was a little miffed at not being told, but since I haven't talked to my brother in a pretty long time. then I get this email after a long day in class and work from my brother. He was obviously upset that I had not given him the wedding date, and his email was, well, not exactly snarky, but certainly hurtful. the email was sent to me, and my parents. he was mad at me, but he drug my parents into it, and I am not so sure I did anything wrong. maybe I did. I don't know, I guess as soon as I can I need to buy paper and print out invitations.

I guess I am just hurt by my brother's reaction, and I am reminded how much my going to school has seperated me from my family.

*rant done*

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