Friday, September 22, 2006

Yarn p0rn friday the 2nd - sorta

This is a rather icky to touch petro boucle that I got for christmas, I do love the color though. maybe I will make a baby blanket or somthing out of it somday.
how is somthing that feels so icky so pretty. I will never understand.this is somthing nice that looks icky. this letter has been to hell and back to get to me, or at least it looks that way. there is coffee on it (i think that's coffee) and it got sent to my home adress so mom forwarded it to me. I must say this was an icky thing that made me very happy. i haven't heard from the friend who wrote this in forever, later i will make sure to write back.


Avrienne said...

Funny thing is, it looks like it would be really soft!

stringthing said...

yeah it does
but in reality it squeaks

Zonda said...

Lovely colors and looks like it would be soft, but nope. Love your new sock yarn! :)