Sunday, September 24, 2006

I have a cure

Too many knitters find themselves to be so clumsy in yarn stores, falling and having their credit cards swiped on the way down. Getting Lorna's Laces stuck to their hands. You've heard the stories, maybe it's happened to you. I have a cure, simply go to a LYS that has nothing you are interested. I tried that - it worked I left with enough yarn for one pair of socks.Steinbach Wolle Sockenwolle
it's green and i don't read german so yeah
very manly and nice for the Capn'

This yarn store was a knitwits - not somewhere i had ever been before, and i may go back, but not for the brilliant selection. mostly sparlkles and glitz - a few staples like manos (one reason i will return) some noro (never seen this in person, but i do know that i don't like kureyon lovely colors, rather low quality fiber as far i can tell, i spin softer stuff) the ever present and lovely cascade products ecta... they had a whole lot of beginner classes from what i can tell. maybe that's the reason for the expensive petro yarns. I did get a Chibiand the have this wonderful basket of $1 magazines, i rescued three back issues of IK and i will probably go back for that alone.after the LYS i went to hobby lobby - not a knitter's paradise exactly, but fun, below is about 5 1/2 bucks worth of silk embroidry floss - 40 cents a pack , which translates as JACKPOT!isn't this great fabric, end of the bolt so it was on super clearance. love it. there was 1 1/2 yards so i have to start thinking about what this wants to be.i also picked up some of that Soak woolwash, some safty pins and a dowel rod. but that's boring I might as well tell you that i got ramen, cheese its and gatorade.

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