Wednesday, September 20, 2006


remember my kimono sweater from knit picks?
lookyit actually moves pretty fast, but it's dull work. i like my cables a little less never ending.
here's a close up but the color is way off, actually i really like the color in the picture, but not as a sweater. blue is better.
my yarn for sock wars still isn't here.
so i will distract you with all my sweater peices
all together
the bodypartial sleeves, one is cast off, but not long enough, so i ordered more yarn.and my unopened balls of yarn. I'm planning on finishing everything but the sleeves, and then i will finish the sleeves with all the leftover yarn. with some saved for seaming of course.


turtlegirl76 said...

Where's Yarn Pr0n Friday? It should be up by now.

stringthing said...

i'm sorry, i've been in class and work