Tuesday, August 22, 2006

more keeping up

As an addend to yesterday's post, i have pictures of the wool i had spun after i plied it, a little dissapointing i must say.I also visited the LYS in ashland, affectionately known as Yarn & More. first there was mohair lace weight.
oh my is that cascade 220! in three colors.

the red doesn't get a closeup because it just looks pink that way, i'm seeing a felted bag in it.
below i have blue faced leicester roving.

here is where is spun it up, the wool really wanted to be thin and i tried to oblige but i have some more ideas for next time.
there was also a battle. it was the battle of blue licks, which was the last battle of the revolution fought in kentucky. in other words...
These guys

fought these guyswho lost, and these guys got their stuff

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