Sunday, August 20, 2006


I have been rolling in stash aquisition recently and i'll start today, but it will take a couple of posts to really do this properly.

I also got some books, most of them were text books but i also got this.

I’ve already read it, I’m hoping to get more technical about my spinning and especially I want to master how to spin finer yarns.

I also recived Fiber! I have been eagerly anticipateing my package from, I had ordered 4oz of the Dyed Targhee Top in Clemantis Vine

This picture looks like a cabbage.

I also ordered 1lb of the dark brown corridale. You may have noticed that I have a great fondness for corridale, I am trying to branch out into other fibers

And of course the inevitable close-up.

Doesn’t it look yummy? I’m getting pretty good at fiber p0rn, but I need to work on my yarn p0rn

Last week I went to a quilt shop in Winchester, Ky and to my surprise and Great joy, they also had a small shelf of yarn.

I got the Cervina on the left to make Riker-Boy some socks. He has the strangest feet in the world. tiny ankles that go on skinny legs. Then they flare out into wide flat duck feet. He’ll probably be his dad’s height (my BIL is 5’11”) with his Papaw Griz’s Feet (size 13) when that happens, I’ll buy his socks. My auntie love only goes up so many shoe sizes.

The purple yarn is for my mom’s birthday at the end of the month. She knits, but she hasn’t tried any really nice yarns, and she keeps trying to make socks out of walmart icky yarn. Then she wonders why they don’t feel right.

Finally, I promised proof that I have been knitting. This is that homespun purple goodness that I mentioned back there in archives. I have since finished it, but I haven’t taken a picture. I must say my triangular shawl method needs help, the angle is too acute and even tough the shawl ended up long enough, it just didn’t have the width I wanted.

I finished the second knee sock. But I still made an oops because I started the toe decreases about three rows too short to be really comfy. So I need to pull put the decreases and lenthen the foot. I also need to completely re-do the other one. Right now I am ignoreing both of their exsistance in favor of riker’s duck feet.

In between this little sock and the rest of my accomplishments I knitted my first nautie.Riker thinks it is the coolest thing in the world.
According to Riker it is a dinosaur snail, and how can I argue with that.

Also now that I have wool I began to spin it up.

I think I like the targhee, compared to the other wools I have spun it has a strange texture, the roving is stretchy and almost spongy. The wool is so tightly curled that it is a bit difficult to draft. But it is so very soft. I am spinning it somewhat loosely and it will look best plied I think. I love watching the colors twisting together so I’m not going to worry about matching up the colors as I ply.

As I spin I think I am getting into a method. I rely a whole lot on predrafting and I actually draft very little while the wheel is already turning. This is especiacially good for the targhee that is hard to draft.

P.S. I got a comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you thank you thank you

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