Thursday, August 24, 2006

a paradox

"this statement is false."

that is on my next door neighbor's door, and i thought it was cool. the roomate is warming up and i found out today that my old (very cool) roomie is living directly above me. so i am gonna have to hang out with her this year. a whole lot.

i took pictures of this weekend's knitting and spinning, so you all get a treat.FO! i finished riker's socks and I'll get them to him eventually.

blue faced leicester, i love d the wool but i have some ideas on how i can do a better job spinning it.
a close up, i actually ended up with a really uneven yarn, but its on the needles anyway.
my brown corridale, the stuff in the skein is bulky but on the bobbin is a nice finer yarn that i really like.

I also got a package (in the mail!!! because people who have packages live on the first floor.) from crown mountain farms.pencil roving in ocean

and more Blue Faced Leicester

well i need to go to class so i will see you all later.

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