Monday, August 24, 2009

Sometimes it has a rough start

This semester is only one day into the year and somehow I've had the roughest start I've ever had.

Becuase of the GF diet I moved to the on-campus apartments that have a full sized fridge and oven. And because I found out kinda last minute they shoved me into a handicap apartment. So I moved into a dorm with a half-size kitchen and half the cabinets because the bathroom is huge. Also I've got a pretty nasty cold.

Saturday I got a late start but mom and I got to the dorm to move my stuff in around 2. My roommate and her parents were already here and the dorm had evidently been lived in during the summer, but not cleaned or checked when the last person moved out. So they got housekeeping in and I got there just as they were leaving. The dorm is smaller than expected (because of the handicap size bathroom and really really run down. There are holes in the kitchen linoleum which I keep tripping on (they are supposed to fix that) and for the first 24 hours we had no hot water (guess how I found that out) My bed had also been set up upside down, which caused great discomfort before the source of the problem was discoverd and fixed by my fabulous boyfriend. The first night was miserable though. I slept curled up on the top half of the bed. Sunday was more settling in and going to buy books (and pay too much) and getting things the room needed (trash cans evidently went missing with last occupant) That night my new roommate went out and came back quite drunk and I had to deal with the guy she brought home (not rude, but kind of a jerk) evidently he didn't stay the night but he was there when I finally fell asleep.

Today was the first day of classes and I woke up at like 9:30 even though my one and only class for the day is at 2. I got some more unpacking done and washed the dishes and even worked on my thesis for a while before class. The class itself lasted for about 15 minutes and then I talked with people I hadn't seen since May and then got a friend to drive me to my dr appointment so I could get this cold/sinus infection cleared up. When I'm sick my brain totally checks out and I had no business driving even the 5 miles to the clinic. The rest of the day has been mostly taken up by resting and meeting my boyfriend's new roommates, who both seem pretty cool.

Anyway, boring blog, but i feel like posting is a reasonable distraction.

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