Thursday, July 09, 2009

So I’ve been researching grad schools again (mainly to procrastinate.)

My top 3 right now are
University of South Carolina
College of William and Mary
University of Maryland, College Park

The list is in order from cheapest to most expensive. All three seem to be good programs. I have things I like about all three and so far I have not found something I dislike about the first one, although its only been on the radar for two days. W&M has a fantastic location, but it’s expensive to live there and they don’t fund their master’s students. I have visited and I enjoyed the atmosphere but the city it is in is insane to drive and live in.

UMCP is in a suburb of DC… this is all wrong to me. I am a country girl and hate driving in town even in my own small town. However I love that the archaeology program is internship based instead of thesis based.

USC is in a smaller city, and in the South, which I like. Its about 2000 bucks cheaper per semester and the rent is a manageable level in the area. I think I may really like the idea of this school. Its not prestigious or all that fancy, but neither am I.

I guess I'm just putting it out there so if anybody has any input or knows more about the archaeology programs, the area near the schools or any other handy info I would appreciate it.

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