Thursday, June 25, 2009

Something to report

This picture is an older one, but I finished this pair of socks today. I have not taken finished pictures or put on the pair, mostly because I cannot even think of putting on heavy wool socks in this heat.

I have been staying days with my great grandma, listening to her tell stories (over and over), fixing her meals and generally just being there to be sure she is safe and well. I have been doing a lot of spinning this week. In the last 3 days I have spun a full pound of wool, and today I was feeling bad when I was getting my things together because I had not plied and wound my yarn to clear up bobbins. I realized then that I had spun nearly continuously from 10 AM until about 4:30 PM with a lunch break and a few breaks to stretch. I had spun over 8oz of yarn and if I didn't feel like plying up all of that yarn and putting it into skeins it was okay.

I really haven't felt very well today. I think this is due to me eating quite a bit of dairy, in spite of a lifetime sensitivity to milkfat. It is also possible that some of the leftovers I ate at grandma's could have had gluten cooties but it is hard to say what caused it. I was well enough to bake my weekly loaf of bread though, once dad had cleaned up his mess in the kitchen. Sadly my new mixer was not delivered to the house to help me. UPS claims they delivered it so I will have to see if they put it at my neighbor's (trailer is unoccupied due to renovation and the former and future occupant is a dealer...) so I may have to wait much longer and get a reimbursement from UPS. I hate how it seems that only USPS is capable of a simple delivery, yet not all companies give you that option.

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