Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not a food blog

But everybody eats right? And tonight I feel like I eat like a normal person. Behold...

Mac and Cheese. Corn elbow noodles and with GF bread mix instead of the flour.

the real proof this isn't a food blog.
Most of those show pictures of beautifully set tables and neat place settings,
but the truth of the matter is that I eat my mac and cheese in a plastic bowl sitting on the bed. and I eat pickles straight out of the jar.


OfTroy said...

cole slaw is my favorited "go with" mac and cheese...(i am not a big pickle fan) but you're looks good! (i have elbows for salad, but its been so cold and wet it doesn't feel like summer (and macaroni salad) season.. maybe some mac and cheese is what i need!)

Anonymous said...

Your dinner table looks a lot like my dinner table.
-cfieds from Rav