Tuesday, May 26, 2009

new things

I suppose food and yarn go together well. Its all in that creative domestic homeade sprit. 

A week ago I decided to experiment with a gluten free diet, pending some medical tests that can't be done for another few months. The first week has been interesting. The first couple day went great, I scrounged and was able to eat a good lunch and dinner. Day 2, I had a car wreck and I went to stay with the boyfriend's family for a bit. My car looks like this...
I was able to eat that night, thanks to thai food, but the thai place goofed and put spices on mine and I'm pretty sure it had some soy sauce (on the no-no list) too. Close enough for day 2 though. 
Day 3, a friend's birthday so I get to sit and watch the boy and his best friend eat pizza and drink guiness. Followed by more watching other people eat really tasty things and being stuck with scrounged food from the menu. Most of which was suspect. It was still a good day, I bought noro silk garden sock yarn and new sock needles.

From there on things have gotten a bit easier, I have found some basic foods I can eat and I'm planning on focusing on foods that are naturally gluten free. Today I tried out a GF bread mix (see results above) and it is currently cooling in the kitchen. I have a feeling it won't turn out as expected, but that would be due to user error more than anything else.

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