Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Camping in the rain, funner than singing

I spent a long weekend out at Point Pleasant reenacting the Battle of Fort Randolph.  Mom and I drove out Thursday evening, leaving Dad to work on Friday and follow us up. On Friday we presented to school children about history and crafts and that sort of thing. They loved it and I loved the looks on their faces as the entered the fort. Aside from the children about it was like stepping out of one age and into another.
The fort itself has had a rough year, the building which I am in front of in this picture was burned by arson in February and while it was nearly completed for the event the loss of many of the items inside was certainly felt. The fire brought blessings in the form of helping hands and new interest from all over the state of West Virgina.
While I was presenting I was also able to finish spinning the warp for my capstone project, which is a big milestone and to me means a whole new step in the process of creating this textile.
On Saturday the rain came, but we held the battle and the drills in spite of this. The guns still fired and the indians still lost. One of these years they will manage to take us out ;) My job in the battle is to load guns and the rain made that a bit tricky. My dad and Henry only got about 90 shots fired this year. That is me in the wet red skirt below, there was one other woman fighting on this side, but she is hidden in the men.
Here is dad in the smoke working to load up while still keeping the rain out of the barrel and lock.

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