Thursday, April 30, 2009

The good Life: 
Birch Beer, soft stick candy and good tea

The last week has been the good, the bad and teh stressful. Its the last week of classes so everything is going on at once it seems. I've written a couple papers, and I finally finished combing out the wool for my capstone project. I have a really busy day tomorrow and then it will be time for finals mode.

Today I was going to meet with my capstone mentor and I stopped to say something to one of my other professors about the mildew-y smell in the classroom and the Head of the Anthro/Philosophy/Sociology department happend to remember my name and he told me that I won a scholarship because of something I did over the semester (Dr. V. my mentor swears she told me I would be eligable but I don't remember that.) From what I could find out this scholarship is a pretty sweet deal. I'm very pleased. I need to spend the next week studying, cleaning and packing so I'll probably be procrasti-blogging.

In other news the boy got me Half Life 2, Half life 2 episodes 1 &2, Half Life 2: lost coast, Portal and Team Fortress 2. This means that I will be busy for a while killing alien zombies and solving puzzles. I've only played with Halflife 2 and Portal so far and I'm holding off on TF2 until I get me some skillz.

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