Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fail Week

This week has been kind of a flop. Monday was uneventful I suppose. Tuesday was insanely busy along with a huge attack of the pollen which left me in bed incapable of doing anything because I was on anihistimines. Wednesday I got through class, and forgot to pick up a book I needed from the library. I got combing and spinning done and then ended up not doing anything later because I didn't feel like it. Today class was fine, despite temptation to stay in out of the rain. After class I went to give blood and was turned down due to low blood pressure. After them calling me several times asking for my blood type too. My plan for the rest of today is to get some homework done so I don't have to do as much over the weekend and I will have time to study for the two exams I have Wednesday.

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