Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One of those days

I’ve had kinda a crappy day. Laptop was being a little whiny last night so the boy took it upstairs to fix it. So I crashed early (with no ravelry to keep me entertained and my current Buffy season being a digital one)

I woke up kinda freaked because its the first week of classes, nasty weather and I couldn’t check email. While trying to judge the tempature outside by the view out my window I discovered that the local cable switched their weather to a digital feed which the school doesn’t seem to subscribe to.

So I bundled up and realized that the boyfriend’s rubber bracelet that I always wear wasn’t on my wrist. It had come off when I’d stripped off my coat at some point yesterday. I went off to class, had to sit though my teacher making the class introduce each other (seriously its not University 101) and a reasonably confusing discussion in my Culture Theory class.

I walked home, had a crappy lunch in the cafe and called my mom. Mom had bad news. Our half-beagle-half-large mutt named Bob got in a fight. He didn’t make it home at all on Tuesday and he showed up this morning very beat up. He’s a super submissive dog so I think he got picked on. My dad was taking him to the vet today and He’ll probably have stitches at the least. Mom said he couldn’t lie down because he was hurting. I’m worried about my puppy.

I am so tired I wanna crash but I have homework and a late-night tradition that must be observed. 1-3AM Waffle house Wednesday must go on. The best thing is I found the bracelet later today in my coat sleeve.

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