Monday, January 12, 2009


I hopped on another bandwagon and I am working on a Nutkin Sock. Its easy to see why its such a popular pattern. Simple, interesting, and not "lacy" in spite of the increases and decreases. I'm doing it in Louet Gems which I dyed with their kit. I really like how it has very short color spans which make a pebbly surface and very subtle variation.

Today was the first day of classes and I've still yet to go to my last class of the day. I have a 10 AM literature class, which will be ok I guess. Then at 11AM I have the mind numbing Dr Murphy. He talkes so disjointedly that I was literally disoriented by the time I left. Not looking forward to this, but on the bright side no term paper for that class. Later today I have a 3 hour night class and then my last class yet to go is tomorrow at 10:50AM. I've already got homework and I really want to devote quality time to spinning and my capstone every single day this semester.

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