Thursday, August 07, 2008


I took a weekend in the middle of the week to go visit a someone very special to me. It was a great time and I really needed to get away from family and home for a few days. If I could have I would have stayed there, or drug my friend (or rather Boyfriend now) home with me.
On the way home he did take me to a rather lovely yarn store called ReBelle, in Lexington Kentucky (excellent book selection, ok yarn selection, small tool selection and very nice service.) He didn't mind that I had to go through the store twice before i even considered buying or had to compare colors to no end (he helped me choose) He even submitted to sniff the yarn and the new book. I love new book smell and yarn stores that are surrounded by hippy stores make for good smelling yarn.

I scored some Lorna's Laces in Tuscany
The new Yarn Harlot Book. Read it, love it, will prolly read it again tonight.
Some Flat feet that I'm eager to try out. It just seems so neat.

As far as actual knitting I'm still waiting on measurements for kilt hose so I've been working on a plain sock in my artsygal colonial nylon. Its coming out well.
And speaking of artsy yarns, I finally blocked that stole and it is lovely.

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Zanne said...

I hath tagged you for a 6 things meme. Blame it on Sade. :) Details on my blog.