Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fall 2008 Day 2

I've now been to all my classes and while so far I've only knit in one I think I will be able to in a couple of them, depending on notes and such. Too bad I can't knit and write at the same time. Even with classes and such getting in the way I finished the toes of the kilt hose today.

And I did a tiny bit of spindle spinning too.

As far as life in general goes I'm really loving school but its also a big adjustment. Its been a really long time since I actually had a significant other living anywhere close to me, much less directly upstairs. Also one of my closest friends graduated, she was one of the very few female friends I have here in the dorms so I miss her. It's all boys around me now, which can be fun, but the crude humor and drama gets old too. Knittychat gives me some time away from that, but I kinda miss grown up talk and non-sex humor. I need girl time, which is weird for me, but its simply a dynamic I have almost none of right now.

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