Monday, March 17, 2008


I had my spring break, it was largely internet-less, so I didn't have time to blog, read blogs or even check my email much at all.
I did homework, hung out with my Kilt-boy, I even got a chance to play video games at his friend's house.
Together we made white wool pretty colors, was less messy this time, but I think Kilt-boy needs to stay away from the camera, I shall not be showing you the pics he took of me, no one needs to see my messy hair and PJ pants.
blue-y green falkland batch - split into emerald green and purple, gorgeous

more microwave experimentation, I like this method, but I think I should plan out the colors and pattern more.
my lovely assistant, being goofy as per usual.

I was still getting over the crud I had last week and so I took naps, and my darling boyfriend was mean. Normally you have to be drunk to get pictures like this taken of you.
I also got to visit with my family, including this darling babe, who is growing like a weed.

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