Friday, March 07, 2008

Holy Snowballs Batman

Right now we are having the hardest snow of the semester. Also it is the last day of classes before spring break. I am heading home this afternoon, but I think I should head further south.

For your dose of yarn p0rn I have some lovely hand dyed handspun by me. I used two colors in the dye pot, black and burgundy, but the wilton's spit beautifully. I spun it on the small whorl of my Kromski into a fine single and then Navaho plyed it into what is probably a sport weight yarn. This will make a cool hat for my etsy shop.
I also finished my potamous sock #1 last night and just did the cuff and row 1 of the chart today in class. They are soft and pretty and kind of loose so if you have small feet these won't be the socks for you.

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