Monday, October 29, 2007

Le Week-end

This weekend I went to a small reenactment at Ft Randolph in Point Pleasant WV. There were some public in, but mostly this was an event aimed at reenacters. Saturday we had seminars on developing a persona, 18th century Naturalists, 18th century education, and on the fort's history itself. The ride there was quite a trip, when Mom , Nikki and the kids got there I wondered if they would have room for me, much less my spinning wheel. I sat crammed in the back seat the whole 3+ hours there. I knit on a Christmas gift, which I ended up running out of yarn and starting over with another yarn striping with it.
while we were there it was a very nice relaxing event. Jo and I spun.
and spinning is a lovely social activity, but I'm not sure what was so funny here, probably jo's reaction to dropping her spindle.riker made a new friend. Celliegh is a pure-bred greyhound rescue dog, very sweet, very calm, VERY fast.willow also seemed to enjoy herself, or at least enjoy napping in the big bread bowl.
I showed off my finished caraco jacket.

and my lovely legs (they are rabbit fur leggings, I'm neither capable of growing leg hair like that, or enough of a hippy to try)
the singles i spun up, haven't photographed the plyed yarn, but it's a very fine one... beautiful.

all in all it was a good weekend, even if I did miss talking to the Kilt-boy all weekend.

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