Thursday, October 25, 2007

In which I discuss the use of wool combs in the process of procrastination

I love wool, I love spinning it, wearing it, knitting it, sniffing it, looking at pretty pictures of it... yeah, I'm a wool ho. I admit it. So the other day was one of those days where the world sucks and the only cure is dark chocolate, Midol, a cute boy to talk to online, and some wool. We all have those days. I decided to take the edge off by practicing with my new wool combs, since I didn't have any horribly tangled wool I took two colors of corridale roving (dark brown and white) from here (click that link she's amazing and has pretty colors and it's so clean and it smells yummy and nutty and barely sheepy) and I am blending the colors together.

I start by loading the wool onto the combs in layers, my combs are louet mini combs from BTW, fill it half or less, or it's a pain. I like how it looks like troll hair.

I hold the comb like this in my left hand while i'm combing, which is very difficult to do while taking pictures, so i attempted to do it with the comb clamped in my knee. didn't work well, so it's just for the photography's sake
the second comb goes across perpendicular to the other comb, do this until the wool is on the right hand comb, switch the combs, rince repeat.
when you're done it should be more or less evenly blended, you'll have knots and short bits which should be removed periodically and saved to stuff pincushions and what not (your pins won't rust in a wool pincushion)
to remove your fiber gently tug it off like you are drafting it, moving up towards the teeth of the comb (which are wicked sharp and if you're like me your fingers have new holes in them at this point already) this is what you end up with. pretty huh? I'm hoping it spins up nice and heathery.
oh and I knit too. this is a pile of my current projects minus the one hidden in a box that I'm guilting over. sheldon (x-mas,) single sock (socktober,) tailored cardi, and a secret (x-mas)
and I take my hat off to whomever figured out how to do all these things, I follow in their footsteps and am constantly amazed. who went, "hmm, i wonder what will happen if i loop this just so" or, "what will happen if i take this fuzzy stuff and twist it," I have the full knowlegde though that as soon as those statements were made, and the experiment was tried, the next word said was the cutural equivelent of... "Sweeeeet"
hats off to ya, whomever you were.

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Lauren said...

I am forever thankful to whoever invited knitting.

The combed together wool looks cool.