Thursday, October 18, 2007

In which I discuss productive procrastination

I have a very heavy workload from my classes, even though I am only taking 13 hours this semester. I also have difficulty concentrating. This makes school a challenge. Today I am being productive, having a 4 day weekend disturbed my normal routine and has made getting things done even more difficult, my room doesn't get clean the homework doesn't get done. Procrastination becomes the name of the game. Today is my productive day. I have cleaned my kitchen floor, cleaned almost the whole bathroom and picked up my half of the bedroom. This is a major accomplishment for lazy ol' me. I'm procrastinating still though, the cleaning is what I do to avoid homework guilt-free. It did truly need done though. After I post this I'll be devoting myself to school though, and hopefully I won't be too distracted by the clutter now.

On to other types of production: Knitting
progress on the tailored cardi, I haven't touched it in over a week
sock with heel, the cuff won't be much taller than this at all as they are anklets

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