Tuesday, October 16, 2007

5 day weekend, always busier than just 2

I've been enjoying my fall break immensely, but I am quite worn out and I have no wish to be in class tomorrow at the crack of 11AM. My weekend was quite eventful. I knit exclusively on the salad socks v2.0 and, considering the uber-fine gauge and itty needles I made progress. The yarn is cavyshop.etsy.com superwash merino fingering in the californa ranch colorway. LOVE IT!I didn't get home till pretty dang late on Friday night, and willow managed to prove that she will be a knitter someday(absolutely no modeling or putting yarn in her hand to get this pic I swear, she grabbed it during a diaper change)

On Saturday mom, nik, riker, willow and I went to Court Days in Mount Sterling, it's a huge flea market/festival type thing. I came out ahead for the first time ever at court days and now I can afford to by important things like groceries, christmas gifties and yarn.

Sunday we went to church, and then headed to the land of ash to visit with some family that had come in from North Carolina. Afterwards I got to go back to church and spend time with the Youth Group that I worked with and hung out with all summer long. Which was AWESOMENESS itself.

Monday was a huge adventure. I had a date, it went well. It was time. My date will forever be known as Kilt-boy, and I'll leave it at that. Oh, and I got a new hat. and kilt-boy managed to meet pretty much the whole famn damily in one go.tis pimpin'

Today I had another very full day, I got a flu shot, where I perfected my expressionless face to beat my mom who makes awful faces when they stab her. Then we went to visit my Great-Grandmother, who is 97 and since spring has been fading fast.
after lunch we picked up kilt-boy and went to Blue Licks Battle Field State Park and took pictures for the class project I have to do on the park, luckily I have contacts. Hot guy, cute baby. Can a photo get any better? maybe if the guy would have stood still, but then I don't know if he knew I was taking it.

In the meantime I got some nice pictures of my house and the yard, I love living in the boonies, tis loverly.

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