Thursday, August 23, 2007

slightly obsessed with blog tickers

I know I have a ton of them. They entertain me. The order status of my laptop is "In Production" and all I can say is squeeeeee! just Imagine how hiper I will be to get it once it says "Shipped."
class today was good, followed by okay sorta, and then it sucked. the sucky part was when I looked at my watch, realized I was a bit late. ran to my classroom, stuck my head in, thought the people didn't look the same. checked the note on the door, checked my schedule. thought that i just was imagining things. It was in the middle of a film, pretty good BTW, and the teacher was in the back where I couldn't see her. When the film was over and the teacher stood up I KNEW i wasn't where i needed to be. so i asked her what section it was, and I checked the sign on the door. I'm in ENG 200-028, the sign was for ENG 200-019. so I went to the computer lab. checked my email, nothing. checked the Dept website, nothing. tried to call the dept and got the answering machine. and so I emailed the teacher telling the whole story, and I truly hope that Today doesn't get counted as an absence. I surely wasn't the only student to get very truly lost and confused.
during the loom restoration at Blue Licks State Resort Park

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Lauren said...

I hate when class confusions happen like that!

Looms are so cool. Do you have a picture of what it was like when it was done?