Sunday, March 11, 2007

worst week ever

and possibly the most pivotal of my LIFE. I am not exaggerating. my life fell apart everyday, as soon as i pieced it back together and did my damage control it fell apart again. on to the pictures.I may be from eastern Kentucky, but i think the bare feet without freezing is a good sign of spring. Yes, the ever present red silky PJ pants, luckily you can't see the long pink flannel gown that i had over them. it gets cold at night.another sign of spring if the feets are not enough for you.My picture of the day for whatever day that was, maybe Friday.
front view of my house.uh oh, new yarn... lace weight from artsygalmy mommy's baby, also known as bribby dog.she LOVES her elephant. it has been lost for months and mom found it while cleaning it.

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