Friday, March 30, 2007

Tomorrow is one day closer to the day after that

Tomorrow, or rather today (I just looked at the clock) I go home for my birthday weekend, it's gonna be interesting and emotional. The 31st is a big day for me, it's also my Ex-fiance's birthday too, and what would have been the 2 year anniversary of our engagement. So that will be happy and hard at the same time. When I get back it'll be time For Flash Your Stash and I'll have fetched my camera charger so I can participate. Knitting goes slowly, I've done a few rows on willow's sweater, but i didn't knit a stitch yesterday, and not until 11:30 PM today. I've been busy and tired. I worked on my homework for a single class assignment a total of 7ish hours today. That was boring and dull and I really have nothing to reward myself for sticking to it. other than I'll get a grade down the line. I'm hoping to both get some things done over the weekend but also to get some rest, I usually get neither when I go home.My dad holding a baby opossum that his boss rescued.
for someone who can't stand 'possums in the wild, he seems to like this little guy.
Taken 5/30/06 by me

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