Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wing o the Moth begins

I took some time (all evening monday) to wind the first skein into a ball, I have to say I have reservations about using this yarn, it is single play and oh so delicate, and the colors, while true in my pictures, are not as blended as i like, the whole skein is mostly a very dark green, with some small sections of the bright. I wonder how this yarn will A) hold up, and B) block out, I mean what if I break it while pinning it out? would I simply die in horror?
this is the first 10 rows though, the second time, I actually got through the whole first section before I realized that ALL the WS rows had been done wrong. oops. the yarn is pretty fuzzy, which if you click the pic it will get big and you will see what i'm saying better. I also need better stitch markers. these are too wide, my others are too big, and my one lace marker is too small, though it might fit this smaller needle because i went down another needle size after I frogged it.
other than issues with yarn and problems between chair and needles, this is a cool pattern, you cast on 5 stiches yet this is the TOP of the shawl, it increases so quickly that it becomes flat. MAGIC is say, MAGIC. obviously the writer is far cleverer than I.

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