Thursday, December 14, 2006

I don't Believe this

How evil are you?
I don't belive this bloggy thing is accurate, can't be. Besides I hate barney.

oh, and on another note... FINALS ARE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for Wing o the Moth, it's clever, fun and beautiful. seriously. It grows so fast I love it. I am revelling in the love of the moth. I have a funny story though.

I sold the rest of my text books that I am not keeping back today, and when I got to the UC bookstore the line was waaaaaaaayyyy back into the hall, it took 15 minutes or more just to get indoors. But did I mind? no. why not you ask? My sock-in-progress was with me, I whipped it out and got a half an hour or more's knitting time, while all around me were dissatisfied bored coeds. I felt smug, and superior. the french guy (he works there) saw me knitting and it made his day, I guess he is used to seeing bored whiny students, not cool classy (nerdy) knitters happily clicking away.

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