Tuesday, November 14, 2006

uh... yeah blogging good

So it is way past the bedtime, but I am awake surprisingly enough, and I am sure I will pay for it in the morning. The weekend was fun, in it's way. I felt crappy for some reason (I forgot my allergy medicine) but i got to see my sister, brother-in-law & nephew, which is pretty unusual. I got a new tie, well new to me. I am reasonably sure my dad got it sometime during the 70's. he never wears it, but i had to yoink it for one reason and one reason only.SHEEP!!!!!!!
I knit this weekend too. I finished the super-long armwarmers. the first one has a weird bump where i was figuring out short rows, but the second, although a bit too tight (either my gauge changed or that ball of handspun was thinner) was smoother, if also a bit shorter.
see the pimple/tumor/nip?It's all good.token cat picture. since i am a knitter, whose mom's cat prefer's me to the 4 yearold in the house (I wonder why) I am not actually a cat person, but they have a sedating effect on me. or was that the dog on the other side of me? usually these two can barely contain their jealosy, but i did not have one fight over me this weekend.

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