Wednesday, November 15, 2006


In the life of every knitter there comes a time, a time when the future is dark, and the past looks pretty much the same. A time when even the most inviting and happy knitting goes unphotographed because IT WON'T BLOODY QUIT RAINING! so, i have almost 6 repeats on my lacevember scarf, and i made a sock for an art project (it's not cheating to knit as representational art is it?) but every day the sky is the same shade of rainy winter grey and it only varies in the darkness represented.

School and work also have the audacity to require my presence during all my waking daylight (if you could call it that) hours. I still knit, but my camera is idle. I am sorry for you oh, nearly silent masses (you are out there right?) who wait breathlessly for my every progress picture. and for your patientce, I will use the dreaded flash. Which actually treats the lace pretty well,scarf rhymes with barf, technicolor barf. this better look better when i have blocked the living daylights out of it.
here is the artsy fartsy, sock. i hate to be rude, but i don't like art that is assigned. My first semester, we were asked to do somthing artistic having to do with a book we read. the whole freshman class read the book, and if we submitted the art project to a contest we would meet the book author. I loved the book, but I don't think i am great at representational art. So i did an embroidered thing, and my embroidry kinda sucks, but it's cool. So this thing is obviously the only needlecraft in the contest so I was a winner, not the only winner, there was a ton of us, and I got to meet the author of this book, Gerda Weismann Klein. she is a lovely lady and a survivor of the holocaust. and I am technically a published artist, because a black & white (does not do it justice) photo was printed in the college's english journal thingy.
But, i don't think the peice I did was all that great, or that I really deserved to win the contest, or to get a grade on this project. I use needlework and handcraft to amuse my little ADHD brain (LOOK A SQUIRRLL! there is somthing so funny about that phrase, say it and people will laugh) but the everyday people see the things we knitters and artsy fartsy people make and they see somthing extrodinary. Just like I see a poem or a well played song to be a thing worth admiring. Even if those poets just scribbled the words down on a peice of kleenex while they went through their day.

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