Monday, November 06, 2006

this is what procrastination looks like

I have a History Paper Due Friday, and I should be working on that, but I sadly have no interest or inititve in my subject. After I write this post I will do more, but I just don't want to do this. I am so ready for thanksgiving break. So, to procrastinate on sunday I spun, this is what a strip of BFL rving looks like when you spread it out. much prettyer in person, it looked like clouds. after i spun up the rest of the BFL, I prepped one of my silk caps, there was a surprising amount of fiber in there. I found that I could put the caps over my knee and I wondered if the first Mawatas were made like that, using a knee as a frame.then i streched it into thin roving. it has an odd texture and lots of neppy bits so i am not sure what the yarn will be like at all, but i set my wheel up for a big ratio and lots of twist.
I even have a FO today, I finished sock #1 of the Rib and Cable socks, I don't care much for the toe, but it was kind of neat. I just think i might give myself some time before i cast on #2

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