Sunday, November 19, 2006

Silk and procrastination

So I have this test tommorrow, and the study guide is enormous. Prof. Berta also informed us that a huge amount of our test grade will ride on the names, dates and parties of the modern presidents, Roosevelt through Current Bush. I have the names down, but the dates are killing me, I really hope I don't screw this up. Also I suffer from classic distraction and procrastination. Last night i was really feeling crappy, so I stopped and spun a bit. I finished the first silk cap, and I'll have to prep another one before I can spin again.color is actually pretty good, since it was a flash at night. this stuff glows
gratuous wheel shot
close up, not very even, I can't wait to ply it.


LaBean said...

Great silk spinning! I need to get my hand on a cap or two and spin it!

sweetfigs said...

A non-spinner asks: Why is it called a cap? Is that short for something?

Good luck on the test!