Monday, November 20, 2006


This is a saga, and I will try and write this the best I can.

The last few weeks I have had some issues with the cord of my computer, it was picky and only wanted to work when it was in just the right spot. Then on Sunday, the battery stopped charging, it still drew on the AC power, but the battery never got fuller. I was a bit frusterated because this meant my computer was pretty much attached to the wall now. Then I shut it down to go visit my dear Cap'n Boots, and when I got there I started it up. This time it wasn't even aknowlegeing the cord, and i had about 30 seconds warning before the battery power was gone. No matter how I held the cord, or jiggled, or fiddled, the light would not come on, the computer would not start.

Needlessly to say, I was upset, i still am. I got on DBF's desktop and managed to get ahold of the live chat on the manufacturer's website. They gave me a tenative diagnosis and some number's to call and get more done. After this I did what every sensible, upset person does. I called my mommy. She in turn talked to my dad. Who called me. My dad knows a friend who works in the Ky DAQ (GO ENVIROMENTALISTS) office near where I go to school. I didn't want to call this person late on a sunday evening, or really at all. I am pretty shy and I don't like calling complete stranger's and asking for help. So Dad said for me to call him on Monday while he was at the office and he would give me the office number for this aforementioned nice comuter guy.

So here I am, Monday, at work. I call my dad and remind him, because my Dad is the absent mind of all absent mindedness. Dad says he will call the guy, so in a few minutes I get a call. This is when the title comes into play. It is easy to be generous with money or a gift, but time? Time is prescious. It is like a gold ring with strange elvish writing on it. We hold on to time and are greedy. The call was from the Nice Computer Guy (I am protecting his identity, why I am not sure, he has nothing to be ashamed of, exept he might not have been supposed to spend his work hours on friend's daughter's computer problems) he asks questions about my computer issue, then he starts to search for the quickest way to help me get my computer fixed. He did some phone calling, and he even had me on one phone and the computer company fix-it person on another phone. It takes a special person to sit on hold for a total stranger, much less deal with talking to computers or "customer support" personell. This guy was even willing to come to campus, pick up my computer and take it to the store.

It turns out that my computer needs more help than it could be given to it locally. The part that must be repaired or replaced is attached to the motherboard. So I must go home, get another serial number from the bottom of my Lappy, and call the lovely fix-it lady, (she was very helpful and nice from what I could tell on my phone with N.C.G. on the phone with me and her) then give her the number and my addy so that they can mail a box. Then when the box arrives I put my computer safely in the box and send it back out into the mail. They recive it and since my warrenty ran out a few months ago (of course) it has a little bit longer wait to get fixed. They then send my lovely Lappy back to me. This of course will cost. $160 + tax is what they approximate, naturally the part is tiny and this is the computer eqivilant of sending your car to the dealer, this happens to be the kind of car part that only can be fixed by the dealer you understand.

Blogging may be rare boring, but thanks to flickr, I'll try and keep it from being repeat of lace only hours prior to the Great Crash.

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