Saturday, October 07, 2006


Looky at all my comments down there! If I had remembered the cradle for my camera I would show you what I did yesterday. I did the first parts for the underskirt of my wedding dress. I am so Exited. I am still hemming it, I don't have a sewing machine so it's all by hand. I would do a hand hem even if I had a machine, they look so much better. Still it is 4 yards of white muslin, I'm not sure if it could be more boring. The Whole thing on my dressform.
later i will add the poofy bits
the pleats in the front
I don't need a poufy tummy

the gathers in the back where most of the fullness is

On the Knitting front I am now ignoring the sweater, as I find I don't like the needles I had to switch to. I am trying to get some more circs on Ebay, and I'll hopefully work on the sleeve more when I can do it on a circ again. I am working on IK's Fall 05 cable and rib socks for the boy, and i just finished the first cable row. that makes me really happy. They are out of that green yarn in yesterday's post, I'll post a picture of that too eventually.

On the general life and health I am feeling a bit better, and I am visiting the Cap'n at his place.

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helen said...

fancy hems should *always* be done by hand! i am so jealous. you're trying to make me hate you. sew mine too?