Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dress up is not just for kids


I finished the underskirt for the wedding dress, and I tried to get pics of every step. so I have probably over 20 pics in this post, so if you have a hard time seeing pics I apologise

this is the first layer of tulle, also this is a heavier tulle than the other kinds.side view
how i pinned it on. i actually attached it lower than the waist band to reduce bulk.side view after i trimmed the hemme wearing the underskirt with the prototype of the bodice
back view of my butt
side view again, you can see how the back is much fuller than the front
front view
just me
here is the upper bustle. it's underneath the first layer, and it is made out of finer tulle, because i got a bunch of tulle from a coworker after he daughter got married, it was in peices and i think it was covering tables because there was candle wax on some of it.
front after the bustle was added, not much changed.
the bustle in place and stuffed with scraps of tulle
after the train was added.
side view in the hall way
see my red jammies under there?
sombody should fix my train
side view again

Knitting Content!!!!!!!!!
I know there hasn't been enough of this lately. this is the boy's sock. the cables kinda blend in but i think it looks pretty good.


helen said...

oh! i am so excited already. cannot wait to see it :)

stringthing said...

I want my material for the dress NOW so that i can start. the underskirt went so fast!