Tuesday, October 03, 2006

So I have been knitting

Today I knit all through my first class, (we watched a movie,) and I just kept thinking that it would be so easy to make glow in the dark knitting needles. I mean there are lots of plastic glow in the dark toys, why not knitting needles. They wouldn't be bright enough to bother people, but you could see your knitting in dark theatres and in the car at night.
this is my current sleeve progress,
I moved the safty pin marking my progress right before taking the picture.
I am so smart

after finishing sleeve 1 on my circular needle, i decided to use the circ to finish sleeve 2 as it is a bit easier to handle and my sts come of the needle much less often. look closely to the picture below. can you see where i changed. my sts are much more even on my circ, but I refuse to re knit this sleeve. hopefully when i am wearing it no one will notice.

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