Wednesday, October 04, 2006

another photo-free update

On the knitting front there has been incremental progress on the sweater, and I cast on the IK Fall 06 cable and rib sock for the cap'n. I figure it's manly enough that he'll wear it and I will stay awake at the same time. I haven't taken pictures, but I will eventually.

on the heath front, well, I currently feel like crap. I was doing better, and I finished my medicine. then in class today I started having trouble breathing again. made an appointment to see the nurse practioner again in 45 minutes. I'm just passing the time right now. I also have major back pain. so enough complaining. that's not why you are here

on the wedding front, 3 out of 4 bridesmaids have chosen their dress pattern I just need to get in touch with the other one. she's in school right now or I would call her. I am trying to get somethings delegated, but I just need to finish prep work. I also borrowed an iron so I can start work on the underskirt this weekend.ok, I lied, there is a picture.
Iris from this spring.

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