Wednesday, October 18, 2006

secret RAK and not so secret RAK/exchange

First Exhibit:so called "ugly trekking" from stariel

this yarn isn't all that ugly, at least in my opinion, but I have been wanting to try out some trekking and stariel has been trying to look the stash in the eye and wrestle it down to a manageable level.

Exhibit 2:this is a very surprising RAK that made my day, the note with it merely said "secret RAK" so my curiosity is driving me nuts. this was a great package and I cannot express how lovely the yarn feels. di-vine. i carried one of the chapsticks around all day, and i dreamed of the lovely blue yarn. I thought about the pictures i would take, and i fantazised about the chocolate. the whole thing is sooo cool. I am pretty sure the sender is from chat. and the return adress was from Howard, California, as far as I can tell it must have been mailed from their place of employment. now excuse me i need to pet my yarn.

1 comment:

Stariel said...

Yay, it's there!

See, I told you it wasn't *really* ugly.

It's just... (what's the polite word for ugly again?) Oh... yeah... "not to my taste." ;)

I hope you knit lovely socks with the Trekking that will be worn with pride. :)