Tuesday, October 17, 2006

back to school

so i had a nice long weekend, and i am back in my dorm again. I am looking forward to having a decent matress as my bed at home has a bunch of stuff stored on it and wasn't very comfy. I didn't do a ton of knitting, a few rounds on my sock, I blocked my sweater and it is still a bit damp, but i needed to bring it back to school with me. I figure it will dry when i seam it. I also made a armband swatched my blue homespun from a few yarn p0rn fridays ago. I like it in stockinette, but i wanted kind of a lacy pattern for my armwarmers, i searched and searched through BW's 2nd treasury of knitting stitches and i can't find exactly what i want. so i think that pattern is on a back burner for a bit. I got 4 stiches per inch in stst with size 4 needles in the round, so i think this yarn is a heavy worsted.also i wanted to post my school's weird land scaping.
see? it looks pretty normal at a distance right?It is all pepper plants.

Although my school has neat landscaping the buildings are all square, grey, concrete boxes. like this,Since we were discussing knitting and my weekend, let me show you these.
no I am not compensating for somthing. my mom had these, and since she pretty much only knits socks, she gave them to me. All of my mom's knitting experience and her old needles came from her mother, someone i never got to know. I have bits and pieces of her though, a half done painting, some knitting needles, some yarn even. her stitch holders. my mom has some half done crochet projects too. a project she liked because she could take her yarn with her and make granny squares. she was a weaver and i have a small hanging that has hung in my room since i was little. my mom says that in many ways i am like my grandmother, but i am not sure if that is a good thing, my grandmother had many obsessions, she was a contradiction too, a feminist, she was a housewife who didn't work outside the home, but she was obsessed with her weight, and her daughter's weight. if my mother weighed more than 100 pounds before she graduated highschool she would be forced to diet and fast. my grandmother was controlling and i don't think she was happy. she was deeply involved in her religion, and she would hate that i and my family are in a different religion. she didn't belive in going to doctors, and i obviously don't agree with that. i think that if i could have gotten to know her i might be less, or more confused, but whatever it was, i would have liked to be able to sit and knit with her. (her fair isle is truly impressive)

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