Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm Back!!!!!!!

I'm back from my little vacation. We had a very good year as far as people coming to camp, but on a more personal level it was one of the worst. I stayed in the tent on the far right. yeah the one with the spinning wheel right outside of it. the tent with the tiny people in front of it is my Mom and Dad's and on the left is my sister and brother-in-law's. behind those tent's there were two more belonging to my clan. We manage to make up a third of the encampment just by our selves.This is just one of our wonderful meals being cooked. and to think that some people eat hotdogs and marshmellows when they go camping.this is me doing what I did all week long. I was even able to sell some of what i spun to reinactors before i left so i could prove to certain people who feel that being obsessed with string is "sad" that at least it is lucrative. When was the last time they made any money from their hobby?it was hot but we found ways to cool off. especially little boys who can get away with wearing nothing but a breechclout.my camera battaries ran out far too soon, and i have no pictures of my knitting but i do have a rather large triangle to show for the week. (besides two pounds of spun roving)

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