Saturday, July 15, 2006

actual knitting has occurred!!!!

(edit on Monday) Today I have not even touched a knitting needle. We are doing markdowns at work and i was too busy to even breathe. but I did upload my pictures the other day but blogger wouldn't take them. so I'll try again.

(orignial entry from saturday starts here -->) Warning! Danger Will Robinson! Red alert! I actually knitted somthing and I have roving p0rn to look at too. As always I am heavy on the pictures and short on words. this is crown mountain farms pencil roving in the color azure sky. i have spun most of this now and i am trying to figure out what kind of project will be worthy of it. (the colors are most accurate in the first picture)I also obtained fawn and white corridale the white is regular roving from spinning bunny (love that place) and the white is more pencil roving from crown mountain.This picture makes my yarn look like boobs. if i had a bra big enough i would have to post a picture of this yarn with a bra on.

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