Wednesday, May 10, 2006

wireless again

I'm going to start writing my blog entries ahead of time so that I can get more done in less time.

Tuesday 5/9/06

When I got home from school on Friday I had loads of stuff waiting for me. Mugwump from chat not only sent the book that she promised, but she added three balls of this blue sock yarn. Also my roving from Black Bunny came in, and my spindle and practice fiber.

this is for zib

I have been trying to get moved in and today is the first day you can see my bedroom floor in a while. I finished that sleeve, and after a false start (read: cast on too tight) I am starting the body of my sweater. yay for cables!

Today I pulled out the drop spindle and the practice wool and learned several things.

1. I want a wheel

2. I am not very good at spinning

3. Drafting is harder than it looks

ah well I'll add more tomorrow, and maybe I'll get this posted.

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