Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Strange Impulses

I am still doing very well on my diet, although I have been fantasizing about homemade mac and cheese. With bacon and real cheese in it. Happily we don't have the ingredients to make me fall down. 

Today I have spent the day finishing reading all of a webcomic I decided to read from the beginning, hanging out with a handsome, blonde blue eyed young man. Who had a wonderful time playing with legos and cars. (My nephew is visiting.)

While he played I cut warp for my capstone project. Like the couch? Futon with a pink sheet and a buffalo hide on it. 

The true impulse was when Mom and I stopped at a yard sale on the way to fetch the dear boy. We spotted this lovely rocking chair and managed to purchase it for $39 and assorted change. It weighs a ton and is solid oak. My grandchildren will be rocked in this chair (to the tones of bob dylan, johnny cash and classic rock and roll, just like me) The chair is massive and can only be gotten in the house via the front door, which we never use. 
For scale understand that those two tupperware boxes are next to the chair, 
not further behind it, and they are as tall as the bottom of my rump.

1 comment:

Sade said...

That is one amazing rocking chair! And at that price, I'd have gotten it too. :)