Saturday, May 09, 2009

things you do not want to find in your yarn

So I have been doing (and am still doing) a major clean in my room at home. Its so full of crap that I can’t move or do any of the things I want to do so I’m doing the old box and toss routine with a vengence. In doing so I found a bag tossed in a corner (far from other yarn) containing some very very tangled hemp thread from my weaving days. I pulled a handful out of the bag to access the tangles and immediately jumped when I saw this. 
Yes, a snake shed its skin in my bag of yarn. This may have been the single most horrifying moment of my life. I’m not normally squeamish but if I find the snake that goes with it I may not set foot in my room ever again. Snakes are fine, OUTSIDE!

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Stariel said...

Well, that's certainly a surprise!