Thursday, April 02, 2009

I've gotten through my birthday, which was a very very nice and relaxing day. It began at midnight when Boy brought me ice cream cake and the Dr Horrible DVD, then I crashed and had a great night's sleep (Ice cream is good for that) and went to class the next morning. I got messages all over Ravelry and Facebook, as well as phone calls wishing me well. After class I settled in and knit for a while, just enjoying some free time. Then Boy took me out for a very good late lunch and we visited the pet store. In all it was an excellent day.

April Fools was pretty uneventful as far as trickery went, I did my taxes and the CPAGG group on Rav is helping me destash some of my extras. There really is a group of amazing people over there. 

Today I did the class thing and am studying for my Exam tomorrow. I also updated some items in the etsy shop so check it out.

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