Friday, March 20, 2009


My body has not adjusted to the time change, in spite of all the time it has been. I don't fall asleep until one and then I sleep restlessly, dreaming and waking up in the early hours of morning. I miss good sleep. I don't see a reason for the time change in modern America, it was originally thought up to aid farmers and make them feel better for getting up before dawn in the summer. I'm not a farmer, I shouldn't have to have my body disrupted like this.

In knitting news, I cast on a lace shawl. I'm designing this as I go, but keeping good notes and when it is done I will have 3 options.
  • Submit it to knitty (which is why the yarn is the last you will see)
  • Offer it through a friend's website for sale
  • make it a free ravelry download
I know every knitter wants freebies, but I think it will all depend on the level of difficulty I experience as I go along.

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